Aruba's Best Bar Stops on and off the Bar-Hopping Tour

Nightlife among Aruba’s locals has always been and still is up to this day, the ban dal un bitter (let’s go take a shot) at one of the many modest and inexpensive rum shops (or stores) around the island. In past times, people used to buy and carry their liquor in a brown paper bag at the nearby convenience store, where they would hang out and consume alcohol as discretely as possible. Later on, some of the convenience stores became the more explicit rum shops and modern supermarkets took over the non-alcoholic inventory.
Much has changed over the years with the island’s economic development and growing tourism industry. Nowadays, Aruba is able to offer its visitors and residents a large and diverse selection of nightlife options, including night clubs, cafes, pubs, party buses and boats, festivals, shows, events, and the all-time favorite bar hopping tours.
This following list of Aruba’s best bars is based on the present diversity in age group, taste, preference, budget, culture on the island, without disregarding typical or historical spots like Fermin’s Bar BQ in Noord and Charlie’s Bar and Restaurant in San Nicolas. By adding live entertainment, skillful bartenders, salsa workshops, karaoke nights or a funky interior, this basic concept turns into so much more than just hanging around a counter across which alcoholic drinks are served. Cheers! Salud! 

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