Best Naples Restaurants for Fresh from the Sea Catches

For a town its size, Naples’ culinary reputation is quite impressive. Given its close proximity to the sea and the fisheries around the Florida Everglades, one would naturally expect seafood to dominate local menus, and it definitely does. You would be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that does not serve the local grouper, shrimp, snapper and other delicacies.

The closer you get to the Everglades, the more likely you will find alligator tail and frog legs on the menu. Everglades City is the home port for stone crab and other fishermen, so it’s a small wonder it hosts an annual Seafood Festival every February that draws thousands of avid seafood lover to the tiny, colorful town.

Some restaurants concentrate specifically on local catches and seafood imported from New Zealand to Italy. They range from the finest dining rooms to the most colorful, saltiest fish houses; from masterful new preparations to simple Old Florida style.

In the nouvelle cuisine category dwells Floribbean fusion-focused BALEEN and the Italian-swayed Sea Salt-Naples. For fish-house style, consider the Dock at Crayton Cove or City Seafood. Freshness is the hallmark for all of the restaurants included in this list. Style of preparation and ambiance also figure prominently. 

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