Best Philly Brunch? It Might Be The Living Room Cafe

The Living Room Cafe, located in the Queen Village section of Philadelphia, proves itself on being the perfect spot to spice up your usual brunch experience.

Proudly serving up fresh, homemade terrific breakfast and brunch selections – such as the wake and bake burrito, baked cinnamon apple french toast, steel cut oats, omelettes, lunch sandwiches, salads, bagels, pastries, breads, desserts and vegetarian options, too.

Patrons won’t leave hungry, nor will they feel bored or stifled with the choices here. Take friends who are hard to please, or those with picky appetites, as they’re sure to find an item or two on the menu to perk up their plate.

Who wouldn’t want to start their day off with an entree option like this one at The Living Room Cafe? — Photo courtesy of The Living Room Cafe

Their mission here is to bring healthy, basic, handmade, food items to the community. Their menu strives to provide just enough variety and freshness to keep customers interested and wondering what to eat next. They are interested in their customers and take pride in providing them with nutritional and locally-sourced food.

Visitors and regulars to the Queen Village area will love the fact that there’s now a great daytime cafe option to quench their thirst for java, juices, smoothies, espresso, coffee, tea and the like. Vegetarians will rejoice in the fact that there are choices for them here. And visitors who are simply hungry for a delicious midday meal will enjoy the fresh picks and seasonal selections.

For those simply looking to grab a hot drink and meet up with friends or neighbors, the venue offers up a great place to simply hang out and visit with folks. Study here, meet a date, catch up with a friend, bring your kids or simply take a few moments for yourself.

It’s a relaxed atmosphere, open seven days a week from early morning until 7 p.m. There are board games and books available for use.

You can also pick up bakery items available to munch on or take back home to someone who will appreciate them. Try a homemade cookie, bagel, brownie, snack bar or other pastry. The options are deliciously endless.

Do yourself a favor and break free of the standard brunch fare. Venture into untapped territory within the walls of The Living Room Cafe in Philadelphia.

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