Deck Your Halls with the Best San Francisco Shopping Spots of 2016

Getting your Christmas shopping done can turn into a real headache. If you’re checking a long list twice to get something special for everyone back home while you’re trying to enjoy a vacation, that can end up being a gift for no one involved. Instead of complicating matters and splitting up the group into “shoppers” and “sightseers,” make everyone happy by organizing your shopping through an exploration of iconic San Francisco neighborhoods. 

You can window shop through quaint antique stores in the North Beach, then continue your stroll through chinatown for some truly unique gifts. Take a cable car downtown to visit Westfield Mall, or take it the other direction to the ocean and loads of tourist shops at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Head to the electric Mission District for cultural art, or take a taxi over to Chestnut Street for some higher end purchases. Historic Haight-Ashbury has wonderful boutiques, and Fillmore Street is a favorite shopping spot for locals. And, if the kids in tow behave, you can head back downtown for yummy chocolate treats all around at Ghiradeli Square.

However you organize your San Francisco holiday shopping day, just remember to keep your spirits up. Tis’ the season to be jolly, remember?

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