Edinburgh's Best Hot and Spicy Indian Food: Make Your Taste Buds Tingle

You simply cannot beat a good curry and Scotland has a love affair with Indian food that dates back to colonial times. Over the years a number of British favorites have become staples of most Indian restaurant menus but there are also places serving authentic regional Indian dishes. Some of the best Indian food in Edinburgh represents a clever and innovative blend of the finest local produce with Indian cooking techniques and spicing.


There are a lot of Indian restaurants in Edinburgh to choose from so whether you want to dine out or have a meal delivered you are well covered. The trick is to find the restaurants with talented chefs, the establishments with great atmospheres and service standards, the dishes that bring your taste buds to life and linger in your memory long after the meal is done. That’s what this list is for.

We have a great line up of traditional Indian restaurants where you’ll find a good Korma or Tandoori but each restaurant has its own specialties for the more adventurous among you. Mother India is considered by some to be the best Indian restaurant in Edinburgh, although others would give the plaudits to Khushi’s. You’ll find great vegetarian options at Kalpna.

Indian cuisine is among the most creative and interesting on the planet and you’ll find top examples of the craft at all of these Edinburgh restaurants. Get ready to savor some special, spicy delights.

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