Find Authentic Art Objects at L'Art des Artisans du Québec

Looking for artsy pillows for your sofa? How about hand-crafted blown-glass pieces in an array of colors and designs?

At L’Art des Artisans du Québec in Montreal, you’ll find an extensive collection of ever-changing pieces of functional art at very good prices from top Quebec artists.

And it’s the only place to find items from such a large collection of Quebec artisans under one roof. At any one time, you can find the work of approximately 100 artists who are working in a variety of mediums.

At L’Art des Artisans du Québec, everything you need to know is all in the name — Photo courtesy of L’Art des Artisans du Québec

One such artist is Steven Barkley, who creates his puppets using vinyl fur, a type of fleece acrylic and other new materials. These make perfect gifts for children or for those who are young at heart.

Barkley has created a complete line of cartoon characters who will charm your little giftees. In addition, these puppets are washable, but they will have to be dried on a rope. Well made to meet exacting standards, these creations are sewn to withstand intense play.

Another artist, Denis Miller, is famous for his stories engraved on cushions. Shoppers can purchase a complete line of The Cushions Zen. Each one features a unique and poetic message. Miller is best known, though, for his famous chatty cushion that will warm up any room. 

For the adults on your list, choose from a large assortment of ceramic bowls, cups and bottles, an array of textile pieces or fine figurines hand-carved from attractive wood. Whether its blown glass, textiles, ceramics, wood carvings . . . whatever you’re looking for can all be found here, and all items are beautifully handmade.

No trip to Montreal is complete without a stop into L’Art des Artisans du Québec, “The Art of Artisans from Quebec.” It’s the ideal source for one-of-a-kind gifts and mementos from Quebec. 

This store is a real find for shoppers who seek top-quality, unique items that are beautifully made by local and regional artisans. It’s the ideal source for one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs from Montreal and Quebec. This is a real find for people who seek out fine crafts from Québec artists.

And, bonus: all items are available in the store and online!

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