Friday's Project: It's Back in Barcelona

One of Barcelona’s trendiest and most stylish stores is back. What used to be renowned for its innovative and chic designs years ago, Friday’s Project was a fashion-forward shop and one of the city’s most popular places to buy designer clothes.

For adoring fans and followers, it was a big shock when they packed up and left. Now, however, loyal Friday goers can relish in the fact that their store has returned. Back on its old stomping ground, Passeig De Gracia, the return of Friday’s Project has even been followed up by more store openings in Spain.

Positioning itself as a comfortable fashion line specifically for women, the store offers a variety of clothes – including shirts, pants, sweaters, skirts and dresses, as well as shoes and accessories such as purses, jewelry and more.

Friday’s Project — Photo courtesy of Friday’s Project

For those looking for Barcelona high-street shopping that entails something other than H&M, Zara, Desigual or Stratavarius, Friday’s Project is an excellent alternative. Its clothes are funky – yet not over the top; comfortable; and sleek and elegant all at the same time.

The shop is located on Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona’s Champs de Elysee. Not only is it full of high-end fashion, including the likes of Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana amongst others, but the street is also home to Gaudi’s amazing buildings. La Pedrera and Casa Batllo are both situated in the middle of this magnificent strip and provide for a nice, cultural and architectural break during a busy shopping day.

At the end of the street sits one of the city’s most historic and iconic hotels, Casa Fuster, which is also worth a visit. If you’re lucky, you might catch Woody Allen playing jazz, as it’s his watering hole when he comes to town.

If you continue further up the strip, you’ll embark upon Gracia neighborhood and get a taste of local flare. Gracia is quite Catalan, with family-run shops and businesses, as well as great places to eat and lively bars and clubs. It also has some great plazas such as Plaza Del Sol and Rius Taulet.

Not only can you head from Friday’s Project into Gracia, but also right below, down from Plaza Catalunya, is Portal de L’Angel: a shopper’s haven, with no cars and a variety of stores.

If you’re looking to give your credit card a workout, start at Friday’s Project and then head either up towards the mountains, or down towards the beach while you grace the other stores. 

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