From Hip to Hog, Cooper-Young Rocks the Memphis Dining Scene

When it comes to dining, Memphis has  come a long way recently, thanks in no small part to a few innovative chefs who put down roots in the city’s artsy Midtown neighborhood called Cooper Young.

Located the the blocks around the intersection of Cooper and Young, CY has emerged as the city’s premier dining destination. Chefs Karen Carrier and Ben Smith were the first to bring their culinary genius to CY; Carrier’s Beauty Shop combines unexpected ingredients for a twist on comfort food, while Smith’s Tsunami takes seafood to another dimension. A few years later, Ryan Trimm opened his Low Country-inspired Sweet Grass to wide acclaim, then the ultra-hip Alchemy opened in a huge space, offering small plates, creative cocktails, a giant U-shaped bar and some of the best people watching in the city.

The great thing about dining in Cooper Young is that it’s easy, at least in terms of finding a perfect fit for what you want – be it coffee and a fresh cinnamon roll to a fried green tomato BLT. The hard part is two-fold – first, parking is at a premium (we advise paying a valet fee – so worth the frustration of the hunt) and second, deciding which restaurant to try. Admittedly, the latter is a nice problem to have.


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