Lisbon after dark: where to find the city's best nightlife.

The best nightlife in Lisbon centres on some great bars, cafés, clubs and live music venues. Many can be found in the city’s popular nightclub districts, but a few are waiting to be explored further afield by the more adventurous. For a night with the locals gather near Cais do Sodré and Titanic Sur Mer, a funky live music venue perched on the waterfront. Craft beer is all the rage in Lisbon right now, and for arguably the best selection of local brews head west to the city’s Alcântara district and the Quimera Brewpub. Another lively venue known for its DJ sets and live gigs is Lounge, also found near the river near Cais do Sodré. Head down to Noobai Café before dusk and enjoy a sundowner at this informal bar that stays open till midnight and ideal for meeting up in before discovering the rest of the night. If you’d rather sample Portuguese wine, join the throng for an evening at By the Wine, a cozy wine bar that features 3,000 empty bottles fixed to the ceiling! O Bom, O Mau e O Vilhão translates as “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, but there’s nothing bad or ugly about this cool hangout, which occasionally hosts live jazz. For a good old Irish knees up, tumble into O’Gillins where the Guinness flows as swiftly as a fiddler’s elbow. Fancy your luck? Then head east over to Parque das Nações and gamble responsibly at the plush Casino Lisboa, which also hosts international cabaret shows and serves food late into the evening. For inexpensive drinks and amiable banter grab a terrace table outside Sol e Pesca, a former fishing tackle shop that’s now one of the city’s quirkiest bars. And situated on the same street is Pensão Amor, arguably the most eclectic of Lisbon’s after hours venues where anything from naughty burlesque shows to poetry recitals take place. The beer’s pretty good too!

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