Mix with the Locals at Cancun's Best Downtown Bars

Cancun is the most visited vacation destination in Mexico, and one of the most popular in the world. People visit from all over the globe to experience Cancun’s turquoise blue Caribbean waters, white sand beaches and unparalleled nightlife, dining and shopping. There’s no shortage of bars in the Hotel Zone, but downtown Cancun also boasts many unique bar/restaurants that serve up live music and/or a DJ, beer, wine and cocktails, and delicious local food, all at more economical prices than in the Hotel Zone.

Plaza Toros (the bullring), Plaza Solare and the surrounding area is home to many of Cancun’s most popular bars, like Las de Guanatos, The Black Pub, La Playita and Toro Rojo. El Muellecito, located down the street on Bonampak Avenue, has been a local favorite since it opened in 2009. Dublin’s Irish Pub is hopping on Thursday nights and the attractive waitresses all wear what looks like an Irish schoolgirl uniform. If you want to watch a sporting event with locals, La Taberna on Yaxchilan Avenue is the place to be.

Escape Cancun’s Hotel Zone one evening and experience a night on the town like a Cancunense (Cancun resident).

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