These Toronto Entertainment District Restaurants Are Anything but Tourist Traps

Trying to define exactly what constitutes Toronto’s Entertainment District is difficult. But if we look at it as the area from Yonge Street in the east to Spadina Avenue in the west, and from the Lakeshore south to Queen Street on the north side, we’re left with an area that encompasses great shopping, live Broadway-quality theatre productions, professional sports and some of Toronto’s most exciting nightlife and attractions (like the famous CN Tower). Of course, this area is also chock full of many of the city’s most talked about restaurants

Momofuku Noodle Bar, the sister restaurant to David Chang’s New York restaurant, is as unique and comforting as you have heard. Located in a giant glass cube in the middle of downtown Toronto, it is the place to slurp a bowl of ramen and indulge in some steamed pork buns.

If we’re talking celebrity chefs, Susur Lee has a bunch of restaurants in this circumference, but we would like to draw your attention to Luckee where you can get an unforgettable dim sum brunch or indulgent dinner.

Our top 10 Entertainment District restaurants are subject to change often, as is the trend for anything downtown. Get busy exploring and replace your missing calories in the most rewarding fashion.

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